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W420 Radio – Canada VS US Cannabis Business

In this segment on on America‚Äôs Cannabis Conversation on the W420 Radio Network with host Dan Perkins, I discuss the different investment cases for the US and the Canadian cannabis markets and operators. To summarize, the Canadian market remains oversupplied while the US is booming, and the valuation discount for US operators vs Canadian operators has

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W420 Radio – Intro to Mike, the New Capital Markets Guest

I am now the regular “investment guru” capital markets commentator on America’s Cannabis Conversation on the W420 Radio Network. In this first segment with host Dan Perkins, I walk through go through my experience and how it applies to investing in cannabis, as well as discuss some of the changes cannabis is experiencing following COVID

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Nuances of Cannabis: 280E, Licenses, Capital Structure

In this webinar at MJBizDaily, Mitzi Hollenbbeck, Partner with Citrin Cooperman, and I discuss the aspects and pitfalls that are unique to cannabis investing , specifically: Complex ownership and share structures Ability (or inability) to transfer licenses Sale-leasebacks IRS Code 280E which effectively taxes plant-touching companies on gross profit You can register to view the

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Consumer Valuations Bottom at 2.4X Sales / 7.5X EBITDA

Link to the April 7, 2020 webinar at MJBizDaily and a PDF of the slides, which detail: Consumer, industrial, agricultural, tech, and pharma companies bottomed at 2.4X sales and 7.5X EBITDA in the Internet bubble pop of 2000-2002 and the Global Financial Crisis in 2009 (see slide 23), providing a guide for the bottom in

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