History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes– Mark Twain?

Mike Regan applies historical market perspectives and traditional analysis to the Cannabis and Hemp sectors.

If you can recognize that you’ve heard this story before and you can figure out the upcoming rhyme, you can position yourself accordingly.

Michael J. Regan of MJResearch has over 20 years of investing experience, primarily as a generalist equity analyst focusing on consumer durables and cyclicals, Industrials, chemicals, aerospace, media, telecom, tech, and REITs. 

Since 2019 Mike has applied the lessons from these sectors and business models to the nascent legalized marijuana, hemp, CBD, and ancillary sectors. 

Mike is a regular contributor to MJBizDaily, and previously wrote for its paid service Investor Intelligence. His prior research from MJBizDaily’s Investor Intelligence is now freely available at this link.

Mike is also a regular guest on America’s Cannabis Conversation radio show at https://w420radionetwork.com