Schwazze, A Refined Strategy & New Acquisitions Presents an Opportunity for Institutional Investors

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Company Analysis, Free, M&A / Capital Raise

Schwazze Shifts Strategy and Grows via M&A

As we have noted in the past, Schwazze is a Colorado consolidation story run by Justin Dye who previously consolidated Albertsons and Safeway at Cerebus. The company acquired the highly profitable Star Buds chain, and it is now acquiring cultivation to secure its own biomass (especially important now that Curaleaf owns Los Suenos, the largest wholesale cultivator in Colorado; Schwazze wants to produce 50% of its own biomass), it is EBITDA and cash flow positive, and is expanding margins in acquisitions by running the Star Buds playbook.

The quarter brought a shift in strategy and opens a new opportunity for large investors. As of February 2022, Free Members can read more below.