UPDATED Canopy-Wana & Cronos-Pharmacann Options: Smart for Sellers, what do Canadian LPs get?

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Company Analysis, M&A / Capital Raise, Macro

Canopy is paying $297.5M for the right to buy Wana Brands when it “Federally permissible”, and Cronos paid $110.4 million for the right to buy 10.5% of Pharmacann when legal.

What exactly are they getting, why are they buying, and why is it smart for Wana and PharmaCann owners to sell covered calls on their business?

We think the real value in Wana for Canopy is really for its 36% shareholder Constellation Brands (STZ).

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This article was updated on October 25, 2021 following an interview with Wana CEO Nancy Whiteman. The payment structure of the option has been updated since first publishig: upon exercise, Canopy Growth can acquire 100% of Wana Brands for 15% of the then-fair market value of Wana, with the potential for two earnout payments contingent upon performance (one at 30 months after close and one 60 months after close).