Florida Market Share & Pricing Data, An update on Q3 2021

by | Aug 30, 2021 | Data & Analysis, Macro, Regional Data

The weekly Florida review for Premium Members includes a working model with price checks of every operator’s flower, pre-roll, vape, edibles, and concentrate products, the weekly discounting trends, market share analysis, and all OMMU data.

This particular review provides an update on the first two months of Q3 2021 performance for Florida operators, based on OMMU data and internal MJResearchCo channel checks.

Going forward, we will be making an effort to make these Florida checks less frequent, with more analysis around how the data should affect the operators. The models will still be available on a biweekly basis, but based on feedback, our readthroughs can be more valuable at a lower frequency. As always, please reach out with any comments or questions: mikeandcolin@mjresearchco.com.

What investors need to know about Q3 2021 performance in Florida: