Interview with Rena Sherbill’s Cannabis Investing Podcast on Seeking Alpha

by | May 26, 2021 | Free, Podcast

Thanks to Rena Sherbill of Seeking Alpha’s Cannabis Investing Podcast for interviewing Mike and Colin.


To quote the summary of Rena’s far ranging interview, Topics Include:

  • Origin story of MJResearchCo.
  • Analyzing cannabis companies – things they’ve learned from each other’s experiences and points of focus.
  • Trulieve/Harvest deal. Share swaps. Good deal for the companies involved, not sure it affects the industry at large.
  • Continuation of consolidation in the industry as US legalization evolves and develops. We’ll see similar dynamics to limited license markets. More assets allow for more fragmentation. IL will become more valuable due to their social equity program.
  • Mature market like Colorado and a player like OTCQX:SHWZ capturing big market share. What makes an efficient operator? Thinking about brands and their importance in the sector.
  • California cannabis – sussing out tax audit issues, general fragmentation. Mercer Park (OTCQX:MRCQF), The Parent Company (OTCQX:GRAMF), and Glass House and the pursuit of dominating the state. Scale and operations.
  • Employee turnover in cannabis industry – why it happens and ripple effects. Companies are growing quickly – asset base quicker than infrastructure.
  • The ridiculous 280E tax and the future of cannabis investing. How do we value cannabis companies?

A transcript of the podcast can be on Seeking Alpha here, and the audio can be played below.