Comp Table May 7 & May 10 PF Trulieve-Harvest & Post VFF-CURLF Print

by | May 10, 2021 | Comp Table & Market Commentary

Premium Members can download the comp tables priced as of May 7 and May 10th, 2021, below.

These have been updated for the Trulieve-Harvest merger, and assume that the $110m Harvest Converts get refinanced by Trulieve as normal debt.

The May 10, 2021 table is also updated for the 1Q21 earnings reports for Village Farms and Curaleaf.

With 1Q21 earnings season in full force this week (Acreage, Charlotte’s Web, Akerna, Medmen on Tuesday; GTI, Sundial, TGOD, on Wednesday, Growgen, Truliev, Aurora, Schwazze on Thursday, and Vireo Friday) we will be updating the comp tables in as close to daily as possible. 

As of Friday’s close, the US operators closed an average of 6.7X 2021 sales and 22.9X 2021 EBITDA, while the Canadian operators closed at 13.3X 2021 sales and 8.9X 2022 sales.


Trulieve swaps shares for Harvest…