Know the Game: Our Investing Philosophy

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Free, In the News, Macro, Thematic Research

The working title of my latest piece in MJBizDaily was “Know the Game You’re Playing“, looking at the what can be learned from the GameStop short squeeze.

In it, I outline my and Colin’s investment philosophy for analyzing the legal cannabis sector, though the philosophy truly applies to all investing and really life in general (we just happen to think the cannabis space is the most interesting secular growth theme of the next decade, and one that is rife with misunderstanding and financial inefficiencies – and thus opportunity):

  • have a mental model of the rules of the system, the incentives of the other players (investors and company execs), and where the rules can bend.
  • know where you differ in your opinion vs. others, what is typically called your “variant view”.
  • understand all perspectives, especially those that disagree with you. The goal is the truth; there is no honor or profit in being strong and wrong
  • act accordingly: analysis is for naught if it doesn’t lead to action. There is no impact or profit in being right and weak
  • know the catalysts that will lead others to align to your view