Schwazze Worth $2.74 PF Star Buds, $3.30+ RootsRx

by | Oct 4, 2020 | Company Analysis, Free

Schwazze: PE Consolidation Platform Worth $2.74/sh Pro Forma for Star Buds, $3.30+ with RootsRx

  • Core Colorado consolidation opportunity remains, US Cannabis macro theme improved
  • Pro forma SHWZ+Star Buds only will be a highly levered private-equity style consolidation platform once deals close, likely in next couple months
  • Comping to Columbia Care yields flat to +170% best upside, more from additional acquisitions and general cannabis market growth and legalization catalysts
  • Financing, Execution, Leverage, and public illiquidity are primary risks
  • Closing RootsRx as well increases value to $2.46-$3.64/share

Download a PDF version (the tables look much better) at the link below:

This article, originally available only to members, became publicly available on March 30, 2021. As of March 30, 2021, the author was long shares in SHWZ.